Monday, April 18, 2011

Jokes and Pranks for April Fools' Day

Jokes and Pranks

Got Milk?

If your milk comes in a cardboard container, add a few drops of food coloring. It's harmless April Fool's joke but the results are pretty colorful.

What's That in Your Apple?

For a fruity April Fool's practical joke, get a few gummy worms and carefully poke them into fresh fruit, particularly apples. Give mom or dad a wormy apple for lunch and leave a few apples on the table for friends and family members to snack on.

Spare Change

This April Fool's practical joke is old but it still works. Superglue some coins to the sidewalk or any spot that has a lot of people walking around. Make sure it's an appropriate place, then watch people break fingernails to get the coins.

Look What I can Do!

Ask your victim, er.. friend to put a quarter on a piece of paper and, without removing their finger, trace the coin with a pencil. Repeat the "test" with a few fingers. After that's done, get the victim to pick up the quarter and roll it along the bridge of their nose. Then quietly snicker behind their back as they walk around with a black line along their nose. Don't use a permanent marker cuz that's not cool. Read more!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bad Christmas Jokes, Funny Jokes On Christmas

What do you call Santa Clause after he’s fallen into a fireplace?

Krisp Kringle

Which of Santa’s reindeers needs to mind his manners the most?


Where do Santa’s reindeers like to stop for lunch?

Deery Queen

What do you call the fear of getting stuck while sliding down a chimney?

Santa Claus-trophbia

What nationality is Santa Claus?

North Polish

What do you call a bunch of grandmasters of chess bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?

Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer.

How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas?

Fleece Navidad

What do you get when you cross an archer with a gift-wrapper?


Why was Santa’s little helper depressed?

Because he had low elf esteem.

How do canines in Mexico say Merry Christmas?

Fleas Navidog.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christ Eve Jokes

What did Adam say on the day before Christmas ?
It's Christmas, Eve !
How do you make an idiot laugh on boxing day ?
Tell him a joke on Christmas Eve !
What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month ?
The letter "D" !
What does Father Christmas suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney ?
Santa Claustrophobia !
What do you call a letter sent up the chimney on Christmas Eve ?
Black mail !
Who delievers cat's Christmas presents ?
Santa Paws !
Why does Father Christmas go down the chimney ?
Because it soots him !
Who delievers elephants's Christmas presents?
Elephanta Claus !
How many chimney does Father Christmas go down ?
Stacks !
Why is Santa like a bear on Christmas Eve ?
Because he's Sooty !
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